How to draw hijab fashion sketch


How to draw fashion figure step by step

Many people dream of becoming a fashion designer, but nervous about learning the fashion design basics.

This area of art provides you with a comprehensive step by step style of drawing women.

Whether you enjoy it as a hobby, or if you are interested in fashion design as a career, there are numerous opportunities available.

You will learn the fashion design basics, such as the fashion figure, and then how you can develop the fashion figure into a variety of different styles.

Step 1
Use a fashion template if you are a beginner. A template is like a paper doll that you are able to print out and either trace or use as a reference to draw your model.

Step 2
Look through fashion magazines if you are new to the fashion world. Find some outfits you find inspiring and use their ideas to devise your own look.

Step 3
If you are using a template, trace it on paper with a pencil. Then start sketching your clothing ideas onto your traced copy of the template (or on a sketch of a model's body that you drew freehand). Draw what you feel, and reference your magazines as needed.


Step 4

When you have finished your sketch, add in color and patterns, such as stripes or a plaid print. Colors and patterns will really add to your design.


Step 5
When you're finished, you can trace your image to make copies of your fashion model. This way, you are able to mix and match colors and patterns on your wardrobe. This will allow you to see what colors look best on what apparel.