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The color of your clothes can affect the way people respond to you

Sisters, The color of your clothes can affect the way people respond to you.

Following you will find out what people-especially guys-think about you when you are wearing clothes of a certain color. So be careful with your color selection, especially if you don’t want to mess things up with guys. But don’t take this too seriously, because it’s just for fun.

When you wear RED:
You stand out from the crowd! Red can make you appear dynamic and confident And Added bonus: Guys find red attractive-it can actually raise their heart rate. By wearing red you become more eye-catching than others. For those who wants to receive attention, red is the most effective. That why red is only suitable for a happy and energetic situation. Don’t wear red to a funeral. For those who are color-conscious, it’s a taboo.

When you wear Purple:

You may fell less pressured and more in touch with your feelings. A dark shade can send a message of independence; whereas, a pale purple can make you appear tender and romantic.

When you wear yellow:
You are sure to get noticed. It’s the one color that people really are aware of because it’s the first color the brain registers. Putting on yellow can also give a cheerful outlook and brighten your day.

When you wear white:
To some, you may appear innocent and delicate. To others, you may seem individualistic, sophisticated but standoffish and detached. White also gives the sense of formality. That is why many people like to wear white for their first interview for a job. Besides, white is also suitable for sportive outdoor activities although it gets dirty easily.

When you wear pink:
You seem friendly and sensitive. Pale pink is said to have a distressing effect; whereas, hot pink adds vibrancy and energy. When you put on pink, it’s a perfect time to pretty up with pink lipstick. To some people, pink is feminine color.

When you wear blue:
It is said to have a calming effect on you and the people around you. In fact, a light blue may actually lower blood pressure. You also come across as sincere, reliable and organized.

When you wear orange:
You appear friendly and enthusiastic. Like red, Orange is an attention-getter, but, oh-o, don’t be surprised if people don’t take you too seriously when you wear this color. Orange is often linked with youth, although that’s not completely right.

When your wear black:
You seem authoritative and somewhat aloof and unapproachable. You also may appear disciplined, strong-willed and independent. Wearing black, people would find you mysterious, if not sad. It’s better not to wear black in afternoon when the sun is hot.

When you wear brown:
It shows you are dependable, practical and stable. Brown can make people feel secure and you appear conscientious, friendly and easily approachable.

When you wear green:
People see you as caring and friendly. But, on the downside green may not appear serious or important. Perhaps, it’s not the color to wear when interviewing for a part-time job or asking for an extension on your homework .