How to draw hijab fashion sketch


Creating Fashion Figure

In fashion people your figure should be drawn long and slim with squared off shoulders and very unrealistically elongated legs. It will look extremely out of proportion, as the legs tend to be exaggeratedly long. The waist must be drawn very slender.

In drawing your figure, remember that the waist is one third down from the top of the figure. It is most important to show this important aspect of the figure, which will add to the elegance of your croquis. The waist falls in between the pelvic box and the upper torso shape, and should have a nice curve inward over these two structures of the body. The figures are measured in head widths, in order to ensure you’re getting the proportions right.

The true female figure measures seven to eight head lengths in height, the fashion figure measures nine to ten head lengths. In fashion drawing you must retain the basic proportions of the human form from head to crotch, only add extra length to the legs to give dramatic stylised effect and give your designs more dynamic appeal.