How to draw hijab fashion sketch


Fashion sketch and Fashion People

Fashion sketch

Drawing clothes is fun and easy once you get the hang of it.
It improves your fashion sense and lets you practice your drawing skills.

Fashion sketch is like an art.
The aim is to give you ideas and guide you on a step by step approach to draw a fashion sketch.

Study the fashion around us, or through the internet about the world of fashion.
Fashion can be as simple as a piece of cloth wrapping around a model, but as to how you, as the fashion designer enhances the visual impact, by adding colors, lighting effects, folds, and all the drawing techniques to the model.

These showcases your originality, your passion about how the clothing will look like when worn.

Fashion people

There are many fashion templates a beginner can use to trace a model, then create her own look and accessories to go along with it.

Trying to create your own fashions can be difficult if you are new at it, but it doesn't have to be.

The main focus is on the clothes, the accessories, the shoes and the stance of the model.

The expressions and other facial details do not play a huge role in fashion drawing.

A lot of fashion sketches do not show faces at all.

Drawing fashion people can be as simple as drawing anything else.